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About Me

Visiting Yosemite NP with my dog Keelo in 2021

Hey there! I’m Flynn. After racking up $145K in business school debt in June 2013, I was determined to remove the financial albatross hanging around my neck. I started hustling to pay down my student loans as fast as possible by refinancing, optimizing my spending, and boosting my income with deals and hacks along the way. Fast forward 6 years and by March 2019 I had paid off every last penny of my loans. Then I pivoted fully towards aggressively saving for financial independence or at least a ‘work optional’ life.

But I was also feeling burnt out and ready for a break. As the country was slowly reopening in the Spring of 2021, I quit my corporate job in May to start a sabbatical and travel full-time in my minivan with my dog. I didn’t know how long I wanted to travel for. What I did know was that I needed some space.

Traversing most of the Western US and even up to Canada’s Vancouver Island, I was able to see some of this country’s most beautiful and iconic scenery, as well as catch up with so many friends and family along the way. In January 2022, while staying with family in beautiful and cold Colorado, I needed to figure out what was next. The #vanlife was great, but the minivan had its limits. I decided if I wanted to keep going, I would need a vehicle I could work and cook out of comfortably, so after some searching I found a converted, lightly used 2019 Ford Transit in Seattle to live in and hit the road again in March 2022.

With this blog I hope to share tips and tricks I’ve learned for paying down debt, saving money, living a more minimalist life, and traveling in a van full time. Thanks for reading.